Frequently Asqued Questions!

What can Zangoo do?

With Zangoo, you can chat with your friends instantly ,by texting or voice messages,voice calls or video calls share your media such as photos,videos also you can create group chats to chat with many friends together.,make video party up to 4 members at a time

Is Zangoo free?

Yes ,its free to download Zangoo and use It. However, you may need to pay for additional services such as Zangoo Social.

where Zangoo App Running ?

Currently Zangoo Is Avilable on Apple ios version 7.0 or lated and Android version 2.3 or later

How do I register?

you have to verify your phone number to be able to use Zangoo Application,pick up A Nickname and Go Zangoo

Why Nickname is unique?

To avoid any conflict nickname should be unique ,each user should have its own nickname

why do i need a nickname ?

if you want to have a public friends ,send and receive friendship requests or chat with people nearby your nickname will be used instead of your phone number for your privacy

How private is my profile ?

you can hide or show your profile from profile - > settings ,keep in mind that public profile will be visible for public zangoo users

How private is my Album ?

your album will be visible by your contacts and friends only except if you enable public profile .

what is friends Only ?

friends only mean that no one can chat with you or send you friend requests except your contacts and existing friends .if you disable friends only , you may receive a friend request from Zangoo Public Users.

Will Zangoo users see my phone number?

No zangoo users cannot see your phone number

How do I chat with my friends?

if both of you have zangoo app,you can see each other in friends view instantly .

How do I find my friends?

if you dont have your friends in your contacts, you should search for your friends by Nickname or phone number if you already know it

How do I forward Zangoo messages?

just tap on the message , you are able to delete,forward and edit this message if delivered to the recipient

How do i leave group ?

simply swipe to delete , you will no longer receive messages from this group or navigate to option in this group and tap leave , you will no longer receive messages from this group .

How do i change group images ?

if you are group founder , you can tap on group image and change it

How do i invite members to join my group ?

you can select members from group view and click invite

How do i invite more members to join my group ?

you can select members from group chat view , by tap the option and choose members

How do i kick out members from my group ?

currently ,there is no way to do this .but you can delete this group and create new group

How & where My message histories saved?

For your privacy ,all your messages and media shared will be saved on your mobile device only ! however when failed to receive or send message ,the app is programmed to re-try from your device at a time later

How do I use keypad to make a call?

by default you can make a call just to friends that's already existing in your friends list only we dont allow arbitrary voice calls .even if both of users have zangoo app , should be friends only !

Can i select a name to make a call?

yes if you select a friend from your friends list , you can make a voice call

How do i block annoying User?

navigate to one to one chat ,tap the list of option, and choose block you will no longer receive messages from this user

How do i report abuse ?

click on user profile ,scroll down to Report Abuse and send your request our team will handle your request .

Does Zangoo Allow Adult content ?

Zangoo Doesn't Allow Adult content under any circumstance.

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